NetObjects Fusion 2015
Western Australia is known world-wide for its amazing wildflowers.  It’s one of the reasons I first visited twenty five years ago. Having relocated, I have enjoyed the privilege of getting out bush photographing the flowers for over twenty years.  It  is a wonderful hobby.


I have accumulated hundreds of stunning wildflower images and everyone that has seen them said they were too good to be just left sitting on my hard disk.

The idea of this website is  to share them with a wider audience.

Welcome! I hope that you enjoy the natural beauty of Western Australia shown in these pages.

You’ll notice that I have added botanical names on to the photos. They sure are tongue twisters - have a go at saying them!

I’m not a botanist, so they’re my best guess names, but I reckon I’ve done a good enough job. If I’ve sent you barking up the wrong tree, at least you’re in the right forest.

Hopefully you’ll take the hint and look them up on the internet.

The more I know about wildflowers the bigger the kick I get finding them in the bush.

Who knows, you may even fall in love with them as I have.

I hope to have inspired you to grab your camera and get out there and see this beauty for yourself, you never know, the 4WD you see with a bloke nearby bent over taking flower photos might just be me!

Always keep an eye open for the beauty in life!

See you in the wilds of Western Australia.


NetObjects Fusion 2015
NetObjects Fusion 2015
002FP (4591x1521) Wattle
NetObjects Fusion 2015

There are tons of images to upload, but little time. This site will be updated and expanded
in fits and bursts, so check in again at a later time!

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